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"Our 1992 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 was smoking badly after we installed an engine with forged pistons and some new 15G turbos. After swapping out PCV valves with known good ones we decided to give KrankVents a try. Once installed, all of the smoking disappeared and we couldn't be happier with the results. Thanks for dedicating your time in making such a great product!"

Hans Ertl
Ground Zero Performance


The KrankVent was originally invented to eliminate the problem of blown gaskets on the ET drag bikes by replacing engine crank case pressure with a vacuum. The increase in throttle responses, usable horsepower, fuel economy, and engine life were added bonuses that were obtained only when the one-way valve was finally perfected. The unique "One-Way Flow-Controlled Valve" was awarded a U.S. Patent for a "PCV Valve" that actually produces a negative crank case pressure or vacuum! Sort of like getting a patent on the paper clip as there are so many variations in existence. The super sensitive KrankVent valve uses no springs, flapper, reed, umbrella, ball check, or diaphragms that fatigue & fail. The velocity of the aerosol over the two surfaces of the valve material, move the valve in & out of position! Simple as that but then the 'elegant' solution is always very simple, but difficult to obtain. The array of existing valves, including the knock offs, reveal that it is easy to design a complicated, albeit less effective, one-way valve!

Over the years, additional advantages of the KrankVent were realized. We are continually researching applications for the very sensitive KrankVent valve & among the recent applications are the "Turbo Kit" and the "Brake Vacuum Booster Valve". These items have now been developed to the point were we are confident in their performance and they are patent pending.


Smitty getting sticky at Sturgis where he earned the #1 plate for XL FLASH race. The SPYKE/ET sponsored bike had been completed just hours before the race, and has a lot more performance ready to be unleashed.

Update: Smitty's current racer is well over 250 hp & shown in the Gallery section! ET KrankVents & some really new stuff keep Smitty in the winners circle! Check out Smitty's latest at:  http://verlsmithracingforvets.com



Total Seal Piston Rings' Ed Law picked up 4 additional HP on his Buell, on his own dyno, with no other change than adding the KrankVent! Take it off, and lose 4 HP, repeatedly! Ed now recommends only the ET KrankVent for use with his company's unique Total Seal rings, after running an imitation "KrankVent". Check them out at TotalSeal.com.


"The ET KrankVent is the single greatest increase in performance per dollar we've ever seen. I made no other change except to install the KrankVent. It was like when I changed from an Andrews "C-grind" to a Leineweber E5S -- the increase in performance was unbelievable from such a simple appearing item. All of our customers have reported positive results using the ET-Performance KV."
--Headman's Cycles of Buffalo, NY


"Having been in the High Performance business for many years I am very skeptical about such a simple device with so many claims. I usually expect much less than promised. The KrankVent is the one product that actually delivers everything promised. Going from 8,000 to 12,000 feet elevation always required downshifting when two up. With the KV installed it felt like I was solo and no downshift was required! All my customers have been very happy with the KV. I have talked extensively with Dr. Shrode during the final development stages of this product and the ET KrankVent is one fine product."
--Collector Auto Parts, Loveland, CO




Mike Maldonado had Willie modify a KrankVent to be positioned in a prominent position for one of his many award-winning customs! Mike's bikes are no trailer queens! These bikes are ridden daily. Congratulations Mike for your super trend setting designs and engineering



 "We build very specialized engines for street & strip. The shop PS drag bike displaces 140 c.i. & uses two KV's with a 1 inch air reactor valve. The air reactor valve does not last many races but the KrankVents show no signs of wear. The KVS has helped our race effort -- we'll keep using them. Occasionally a customer comes into the shop with an imitation vent that is being marketed. There is no comparison; the ET-Performance KV is a quality product."
--Minneapolis Custom Cycles


"The engines we build are often for VIP's and are 97 to 131 c.i. These engines must be perfect. We are familiar with crank case vents. We use the ET-Performance KrankVent on our engines."
--Merch Performance


"I race a 650 cc KLX Kawasaki single. After installing the KVS the low-end performance was way up & third gear wheelies are just a twist away. Before the KVS it took considerable effort to raise the front end at speed. The KrankVent definitely works!"
--Mark Daniels, Santa Barbara, CA




"Bob Boyero here.  Listen, just got a set of your gas caps on my bike.  I could not be happier with how well made they are or the finish on the chrome.  I'm really picky about what I put on my bike and it's taken me over 8 months to find gas caps that I felt would not only work well but compliment the look I wanted.  I've attached some pictures.  Also, I'd like to thank you (or whoever it was) that spoke with my wife on the phone and coordinated the purchase and delivery.  She said the salesperson was very courteous and helpful.  Thanks again."

Captain Robert Boyero
Avionics Officer USMC
Camp Pendleton
, CA



Hi Ted,

A quick line to let you know that the KrankVent has lived up to expectations. I bought it to remedy oil blowing through the engine breather on my 88 Sportster and after a 300 mile trip in freezing conditions, there was not a solitary drip of oil from my air filter, where the crank case vents.  The bike does seem to idle easier too, I'm not sure about a power increase as it would be difficult to detect without measuring before and after, but I'm more than happy now that the right hand side of my engine stays free of oil.

Many thanks for a swift delivery over the Atlantic.

Andy Carr

United Kingdom


We build engines for racing! Bruce Meyers has more wins than anyone at Daytona & Willow Springs, at least 150 plus!! Factory teams & other racers often ask "What's that?" pointing to an ET KrankVent, Bruce tells 'em what it is & they shrug their shoulders & walk away! Jaye Strait, who is a no BS engine/bike builder, at Britech (508-764-8624) and says if you pull the KV off, you loose 8 HP, stick it back on, pick up 8 HP! Simple as that! Jaye won't let a bike out of his shop without a KrankVent.


Bob & his son Ron knew they had a winning combination for their Top Fuel Harley drag bike but just couldn't get into the "Winners Circle" against the top racers with deep pockets. They called ET to see what they could do to improve performance. ET's recommendations were totally against "common practice" in the TF class! However, comments about being willing to piss on a spark plug if it would help indicated how serious the father & son team were! To the credit of Bob, he did what ET recommended! A few days later, ET received a T shirt & the picture below of the team "In the Winner's Circle!" Other results, leakdown > zero, oil in crank case & catch can after each run > zero, etc. Their smiles, and mine, say it all!! Congratulations! Now let's take it to the 'next level'. ET



Bob Moreland & his Unlimited M/C class, dual Harley powered bike set two world records in the last two runs at Bonneville & El Mirage while still in a "moderate" state of tune! Bob does magic with engines & chassis design & even though the salt was rough enough to fracture his helmet (yikes) he made the record passes! The bike earned the Technical award at Bonneville & will be in an upcoming issue of  Hot Rod Magazine! The engine has MUCH more to go as not even on the juice yet! Imagine hooking two 350+ HP engines together, timing the pair, etc. Now you know just how good Bob is at this stuff! We'll keep you posted here as this bike is just starting fulfill it's potential!


The word is getting out & top race teams for Ducati; Kawasaki; R1's; S2000 Hondas; the worlds highest RWHP, Streetable, 4 cylinder, 87 Starion (569 w/o NOS!); etc. are all setting new records using the ET-Performance KrankVent & KV Turbo Kits for Turbo/Supercharged/NA engines. Now that is exciting!!