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Verl 'Smitty's crew at Las Vegas Speedway! See it all at:




Burley 'Flying High' in his VW desert racer!




Drifting Vipers!




ET & ZEUS I, the 1st EFI Harley ever registered at the AHDRA drags!




Here is Zeus II in 1999,
Click here for the Article from American Iron Magazine, May 2000




"Doug McCay's Ranchero, 1st place Competition Rod. Congratulations!






Ron Lindquest's "Overkill" A supercharged Bonneville Bike that in 1999 was way ahead of the curve! The engine was the first supercharged engine that used ET's EFI. Ron's latest Bonnie Bike is "Times Two" shown below.

As the name implies, Ron has two of nearly everything on this 122" wheel based monster! Two blowers, two stage boost up to 50#, two stage NOS, dual-drive sprockets, two fire extinguishers, etc. Estimated HP is 1500+ or one big hole in the ground! Look at that trick front end Ron designed! The rear suspension is really trick!




Cameron Patrick finally got into the Winners Circle after adding a KV to his Legends race car. He stuck it on the firewall for all to see but no one probably believed that it really helped him! Congratulations!!





Kelly at KDM Performance does magic with Starions & Conquests! (www.kdmperformance.com).
He just completed a block on a 1987 Mitsubishi Starion ESIR, "streetable", and the head was done by
Chris Viper at DC Performance. No NOS, with 570 rear wheel HP on the yellow beast belonging to
Ivan Gonzales shown below:



.....And The Beast.






This shows the small KV (Boost Blocker) along side cam cover.



Only with an ET Turbo Kit could you paint the engine bay white!!!






Bob Moreland broke his own M/C Unlimited Class record at El Mirage on June 11, 2006. 


Then, Bob jumped on his Huyabusa with a side car and  broke his previous record, again!

If you saw "Motorcycle Madness" on TV, that's John Noonan on the right that added a cool 50 mph to the record w/ his Turbocharged Huyabusa! (approx. 257mph) What a pair!



Spyke / Bob Moreland's trophies: